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Custom software

Custom software development is a core process for many companies looking to automate their processes and improve productivity. Custom software is specifically developed to meet a company's specific needs and can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from inventory tracking to asset management.

Software for oil mills

Our oil mill management software allows you to control the production, harvesting, processing and sale of olive oil. Thanks to an intuitive interface, you will be able to manage all processes efficiently and have complete control over the entire production chain, improving the quality and quantity of the oil produced.

Electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing has become mandatory for all companies and represents an effective solution to simplify invoice management. With our software, you can save time and money, streamline your billing business, reduce errors, and improve your overall financial management. Furthermore, electronic invoicing is a highly secure and reliable system, which guarantees the transmission of invoices quickly and efficiently.

Websites and E-Commerces

Building websites and ecommerce is an essential activity for any modern business. Online presence has become increasingly important in recent years, both for visibility and for the possibility of reaching a wider audience. Creating a well-designed and efficient website is key to ensuring a good user experience and attracting potential customers. Furthermore, ecommerce has become increasingly popular thanks to the convenience of buying products and services online. Its implementation, if well structured and safe, is essential to ensure customer trust.

Web Apps

The goal of developing data visualization web apps is to make accessing company information as easy as possible. These apps can be used on any device and offer personalized viewing capabilities. The implementation of interactive graphs and filtering functions allows you to quickly analyze large amounts of data and make informed decisions. Security is critical which is why best practices are adopted to ensure data protection. The goal is to provide a customized solution that increases efficiency and productivity.


Cybersecurity services are essential to protect your business from attacks. We offer a wide range of cyber security services including: risk analysis, cyber security consulting, data and privacy training, threat detection and prevention, vulnerability monitoring and management, i data encryption and much more. We are always up to date on the latest trends and technologies to ensure maximum protection for your business.

Autonomous systems

Building autonomous systems is the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning to develop systems that can operate without human intervention. These systems can be used in various sectors, from agriculture to the manufacturing industry, passing through the medical and automotive sectors. Thanks to autonomous systems, companies can increase the efficiency of their processes, reduce management costs and improve the quality of the products and services offered.

Hardware supply and assistance

Our company provides high-quality hardware for the needs of all types of businesses. We take care of the installation and configuration of servers, printers, PCs, laptops and mobile devices, ensuring maximum efficiency and security. We also offer technical assistance both remotely and on site, with quick and timely interventions. Our goal is to provide our customers with a complete service, able to satisfy their every need, from the moment of purchase to after-sales assistance.

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